There is a fully funded PhD project with me on Modelling and Mapping Flood Hazards in Data Poor Environments: the case of Nepal. this project will research extensive flood water source mapping across Nepal and do detailed flood hazard modelling with hydraulic flood modelling tools. Deadline for application is  20th December 2018 (5pm GMT): Full Details

There are opportunities to do a PhD at Durham with me starting in October 2019:

  1. Optimising the performance of Natural Flood Risk Management. This project is a combined fieldwork and modelling project that will work with the West Cumbria Rivers Trust to measure the effectiveness of NFM measures and then consider how to place them in the landscape to achieve efficient flood hazard reduction. Full Details.  How to Apply.
  2. New Approaches to Flood Early Warning Systems for Disaster Risk Reduction. This project will look to use new sensors and analysis techniques to create a flood early warning system that can be simply installed and used by local communities. The aim is to field test the approach in either Java, Indonesia, or in Nepal and can have fieldwork in these countries. Full Details. How to Apply.
  3. Enhancing understanding of fine sediment transport under changes pressures. This project will consider the effects of land use and land management change across Europe on the mobilisation and export of fine sediment. The project will use GIS and remote sensing methods to deliver new insights into these processes. Full Details How to Apply.

There is also the opportunity to do M Phil at Newcastle University with Matt perks and me on NFM and water quality at Goldrill Beck in Cumbria in collaboration with the National Trust. For details email Matt Perks ( or me (

For overseas students, there is an opportunity for funding with the Durham Doctoral Studentships. The application deadline is 22nd Feb 2019.  Full Details

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