Men’s Captain: Pablo Chocano (

Women’s Captain: Cliodhna Hunt (

Basketball is a fast paced, high scoring and also an incredibly competitive sport. Our team has been in the premiership division for the inter-collegiate sports basketball league since we started, and have given ourselves a name at Durham University.




As well as being recognised at Durham, we have consistently proven to be the better basketball team at Queens. Being part of JS Basketball is not only about hard training and competitiveness but it’s also about fun and being a team. We welcome and encourage players of all skill levels from beginners to experienced, and we also have a second team that is entered into the Division I basketball tournament at Durham so everyone will get sufficient game time. Being situated at Queens provides us with the privilege of practicing on Durham University Basketball teams’ home court, providing us with a large, well maintained practice area. We’re looking to go into the league strong this year as we have many returning players and hopefully a large number of freshers.




College sport at Durham is a big part of college life and if you’re thinking of joining it’s important you choose a sport that you’ll enjoy. Basketball is a great sport which allows you to develop within a team, and being a 5 person squad you won’t get lost on the court so you’ll always be involved. But don’t let the small number put you off! We’ll make sure anybody who wants to play for our college can, regardless of your skill and ability.