Welcome to DUSA!

We're Durham University's caving club, open to everyone. When you become a member, your first day trip will be completely free of charge!

We welcome members of all abilities and experience, whether youíre completely new or you're a celebrated Speleohero. You donít even need your own caving gear, we provide all special equipment.

Find us on Facebook (we have a page and a group) or instagram @dusa_caving


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New to Caving?

Take a look at newtocaving.com - it tells you all about what caving is like.

Want to try Caving? Find out all you need to know at newtocaving.com

Caving Links

The Vic

DUSA heads to The Victoria Inn every Tuesday night (9pmish), come and join us for a few drinks.

We also do bar crawls and other socials like ice skating and curry night.

Photo of the best pub in Durham


Training is off Silverlink Bridge in Durham, Wednesdays, 2pm.

We practise/teach SRT which is vital for most caves. Feel free to come along if you want to learn the ropes. Click here for more info or just get in touch!


The biggest risks are hypothermia, physical exhaustion, falling and flooding. DUSA has leaders who are qualified in first aid and we will never go in any cave that is likely to flood. We are fully insured and Cave Rescue does exist, however it's important that you consider your own safety and accept responsibility for any risks you take.

One of the (many) cool things we do at DUSA is go to some of the most difficult-to-get-to places in the country. There are no phones or helicopters when you're 100m beneath the surface, so medical help will often be well over an hour away. If you have a heart attack or a severe allergic reaction you will die.

Let us know of any medical information we might need in an emergency and also tell us when caving if you don't feel well or are getting really tired/cold. Don't get dehydrated. Don't drink cavewater. There's also a very small chance of getting Weil's disease when caving, which is worth mentioning to your doctor if you get ill.

Kit List

On every caving trip you will need:


Happy New Year!

Ben (Trip Sec)

After a very memorable christmas, we'll be back doing more caving this decade. If you're new from refreshers' etc. don't worry because we'll be running more beginner trips. Become a member today!

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December Update

Ben (Trip Sec)

This term we've had about 30 new members, about 20 of whom now know SRT. We've had six freshers trips and three very successful weekends at the YSS, doing Sell Gill dry, Jingling Pot and Alum Pot. There's been a few other trips as well - to Nenthead, County Pot, Bull Pot and Valley Entrance. After the Christmas trip sold out within minutes, we've now stocked up the tacklestore with new lights and oversuits, so even more people can come caving!

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Dinner Meet Announcement

Ben (Trip Sec)

The Facebook event is going live tonight and tickets will available to buy as soon as we sort out the price. We've booked out Hornby Laithe Bunkhouse Barn (but no sauna) on 6th-8th March 2020. A whopping 46 tickets will be available - put the date in your diary because this year will be good!

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Ben (Trip Sec)

We're kicking off the year as usual with our freshers trips throughout October. In November we have three SRT weekends lined up, and in December our Christmas Trip! There's going to be plenty of trips throughout the year for all abilities, it's exciting stuff. We also have another wonderful new exec.

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Your New Exec!

Kiran(old Treasurer, old Trip Sec)

Introducing your new exec for 2018-19

Click Here to find out who we are!


Group Photo of new Exec



The AGM will be on Thursday 3rd May at 7pm, at Jonathan's House! All members welcome and stay for a celebration afterwards! (but remember as per dsu rules only current students can vote in elections)


Be the new DUSA Exec!


Want to be part of the DUSA Exec next year?

A list of the exec roles can be found here

This year, you'll need to create a manifesto, which will be sent to the rest of the club in advance of the agm.

For more information see the email from Rebecca and feel free to contact any of the current exec about what thier role entails

Look out for more info about the AGM soon, it'll be sometime in the first week of next term!


5 Days till Dinner Meet - Get Pysched!


Dinner Meet is less than a week away! If you haven't yet paid please do so asap, if you've paid a deposit you'll find there are now ticket options to pay the remainder of your ticket balance on the dsu website here Please ake sure to scroll through all the options to find the right price for the number of courses you've orderd. As usual current students please login before purchasing tickets, ex-members can checkout as guests

Remeber to bring cash for the shared beer (and any you buy in the pub!), as well as all the usual kit you need for caving and overnight stuff. Any Questions don't hesistate to drop us an email

Hope you're all feeling hyped!

p.s. I won't be there but have fun without me

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Dinner Meet 2018!


Friday 23rd February - Sunday 25th March 2018

Dinner Meet is the biggest DUSA event of the year and it is definitely not one to be missed! It's an annual gathering of old and new DUSA members, where we all go away for a weekend with lots of food, beer, fun and some great caving. The main event is a great feast on the Saturday night! This year will be held at the Marton Arms, not far away from our accommodation.

We will be staying on the outskirts of Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales, at Pinecroft Timber Lodge. It even has a sauna!

Current students please log in to your dsu account before trying to buy tickets, ex-members can checkout as guests

Click here to see the facebook event for updates

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TAGS: Caving, Dinner, Beer

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Welcome Evening and FREE WINE AND CHEESE - Tuesday 10th October


We will be at the Freshers fair in the DSU on Tuesday 3rd October 2017, come and talk to us to find out more about the society and join our mailing list

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Find us at the Freshers Fair!


We will be at the Freshers fair in the DSU on Tuesday 3rd October 2017, come and talk to us to find out more about the society and join our mailing list

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