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Summary manifestos for "DUCK Rep" (Tier 2 - DUCK, Music and Yearbook 2012)

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Rob Whitelaw

Hello, my name is Rob Whitelaw and I am applying for the position of Trevelyan DUCK rep. Last term’s totals placed Trevelyan as the most charitable college in the whole of Durham, raising an amazing £6650 – an incredible feat for such a small college. This can only be put down to the hugely successful rag-raids and events, which will only be improved on next term and in the year to come. As one of the two current DUCK livers in reps, I have participated in rag raids, helped run events in DUCK weekend, and will be organising events in the upcoming DUCK week. If I was to get the position, I would attempt to make an option to donate to a charity of choice, rather than into the collective DUCK fund. I would also give students more opportunities to decide what new events will be organised next year.

Full manifesto for Rob Whitelaw

Mike Fairhurst

Hi everyone, I’m Mike, a second year economist at Trevs. Throughout my time in college I’ve been involved with many aspects of DUCK: RAG-raids, Mr and Mrs Trevs, hosting the Charity Auction and Trevsmas, alongside managing (a revolting) third in Hold the Bar. As current DUCK Events Manager I have experience in organising many DUCK college nights. I’m also accustomed to roles of responsibility; one example is my position of vice-captain of Durham University Rugby League.

DUCK is obviously fantastic due to the money we raise for worthwhile causes such as Oxfam and Refuge (amongst many others). Nevertheless, how the money is raised is crucial, every rep essentially has a blank canvas. I’d love to make DUCK accessible to everyone, with a wide range of activities and events. Generosity is a given in Trevs, and I’m excited by the prospect of enhancing our reputation of “small college, big heart”.

Full manifesto for Mike Fairhurst

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