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Summary manifestos for "Sabbatical Bar Steward" (Exec: VP and Sabb Bar)

RON (Re-open Nominations)

If RON wins this election, then the nominations will re-open (as suggested by the name). This means that new candidates may run. The election will then be held again.

Full manifesto for RON (Re-open Nominations)

Chris Wastell

Hi my name is Chris and I would like to your next Sabbatical Bar Steward. I have worked in the bar since my first year. This year in my role of Operative Vice Chair I have been involved in working closely with Fran. This has let me understand the day to day running of the bar.

If elected I would look to:

- Improve the connections with sports and societies to promote the bar as a common room.

- Publicise strengths of the bar through events such as an Ale Festival and Whisky Tastings.

- Continue efforts to see the bar used more outside of opening hours including continued work to open the bar as café during the day.

- Listen to your ideas for improving your college bar.

Full manifesto for Chris Wastell

Ed Snook

Hi everyone, I’m Ed and I’m currently a member of the bar staff. In my time at Trevs I have held the positions of JCR Social Chair and MCR Social Secretary. If elected as Bar Steward my aims would be:

• To bring the Bar up to date by using the bar refurbishment fund to replace furniture, improve lighting and replace vital bar equipment.

• To improve the advertising of sports fixtures and television schedules, and increase the frequency of which these are shown in the bar.

• To investigate the possibility, now that Freshers’ Week is a whole week before lectures begin, of extending opening hours on more than one night during the week.

• To continue to develop new ways that the bar can be used as a JCR/MCR space during the day.

• To improve the bar’s range based on student feedback.



Full manifesto for Ed Snook

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