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Achievements of phase 1 research of Supergen Wind can be found here.


Achievements of phase 2 research of Supergen Wind

During the second phase of Supergen Wind project, the following achievements have been achieved:

Outreach activities that have occurred in the last 12 months

  • A General Assembly was held on Thursday 21st April 2011 in Durham University. The attendees numbered about 80.
  • Manchester held a short course Impact of wind farms on radar systems at EuRAD 2011 on 12th October 2011, Interest in it was strong and some 60 people attended.
  • The 2010 IET Tustin Lecture Challenges of Wind Energy Engineering was given by Leithead on 26th November 2010.
  • Several talks on Wind Power Research have been given to IoP.
  • Presentation to Ofgem Offshore Policy Team, Briefing Session on Development in Offshore Transmission Project Worldwide, Professor Peter Tavner, Durham University, Mike Barnes, University of Manchester, 15th Sept. 2011.
  • A one day workshop, Research for the Highly Reliable Offshore Wind Power Station, was held in conjunction with the EU Reliawind Project at EWEC2010.
  • BVG has been engaged to provide assistance and advice with respect to identifying an exploitation plan. This is to be trialled with Surrey.
  • The open source package, OpenFoam, has been investigated and run on MMU's GPU system for increased compute speed. By modifying the wavemaker boundary condition within the multi-phase solver InterFoam (contained within OpenFoam), numerical simulations of wave interactions with solid structures have been carried out using both regular and irregular waves. Good agreement for wave force and run-up has been achieved for several published test cases. Simulation times have been reduced when compared to the previous AMAZON-3D code. Wave interactions with free floating bodies have been simulated successfully in 2D. 3D code modification is ongoing.

Good news stories / Research highlights

Greatest achievements of this project so far

Why are they significant, and who are the main beneficiaries?

The project PI, Prof. Peter Tavner was elected president of the European Academy of Wind Energy for 2010 - 2012.

This is a clear indicator that the Supergen Wind Consortium is now well-established on the European wind energy research scene.

Gamesa has agreed to fund a 4-year research programme at Strathclyde University in wind energy.


It shows that a major manufacturer recognises that the work being done on Supergen Wind is relevant to turbine design.

Dr Laith Rashid was been awarded the European Academy of Wind Energy Excellent Young Wind Doctor award for 2011.


The European Academy of Wind Energy is a European venture of Universities and Research Organisations with the aim of executing joint R&D projects and coordinating high quality scientific research and education on wind energy. Laith was selected from a wide list of nominations from institutions across Europe.


The development of new fast DC Circuit Breaker idea and filing of patent.


The lack of fast DC Circuit breakers at high DC voltages is a key bottleneck in the development of future offshore grids and the large-scale integration of wind energy at reasonable cost. A new, fast HVDC circuit breaker significant step forward to offshore wind-farm integration.


A workshop on Impact of wind farms on radar systems was held at EuRAD 2011 on 12th October 2011.


The seminar provides an excellent example of the Consortium succeeding in knowledge transfer. Itwas well attended (approximately 60 , largely industry and key stakeholders) and received much interest from both radar operators and wind developers. The seminar received very good feedbacks and positivity. It


















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