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The List of Poster in SUPERGEN Wind Phase 2 - 2nd General Assembly

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Event information:

Date: 21st March 2012

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel Durham, Frankland Lane, Durham. DH1 5TA

Presenter Title

Argyle, Peter

Atmospheric Stability, CFD and Wind Turbine Wakes

Beddard, Anthony

Connection to Shore Reliability

Elwood, George

Structural Blade Model: Rotor-wind field interaction

Evans, Charles

Structural Blade Model: Material layup optimisation

Farr, Thomas

Wind Turbine Aerodynamics

Gao, Feng

Numerical simulation of wave loading on offshore wind turbine mounts

Gao, Siyu

Phase-Locked Loop for AC Systems: Analyses and Comparisons

Hajdaei, Amir

Fatigue Performance of Structural Elements for Future Wind Turbines

Hankin, David

Aerodynamic Loading: Rotor-wind field interaction

Ho, Terry

Offshore Wind Farm Network Electrical Systems and Connection

Hughes, James

Modelling Offshore Wind

Kazemtabrizi, Behzad

Reliability assessment of Offshore Wind Farm Electrical Installations

Lei, Ting

Wind Turbine Power Electronic System Reliability

Luque, Antonio

Basic Offshore Connections

Luxmoore, Jamie

Experimental study of the interactions between waves and wind turbine support structures

Parker, Max

Reliable collection network designs for offshore wind farms

Rashid, Laith

Modelling the Impact of Offshore Wind Farms on Radar

Ruddell, Alan

Supergen Wind Task 3.4 Integration of energy storage

Stock, Adam

A Power Adjusting Controller for Greater Flexibility of Operation

Thompson, David

Investigation of Blade Loads On Very Large Wind Turbines

Vilchis, Damian

Wind Turbine Generator Condition Monitoring

Wu, Zijie

Bamboo Laminate Composite on Wind Turbine Blade Application

Zaggout, Mahmoud

Condition Monitoring Using the Wind Turbine Generator Control Loop

Zappala, Donatella

Gear Fault Detection Automation by WindCon Frequency Tracking

Zhang, Kuangyi

Fatigue failure of ±45°fibre-based glass/epoxy composite for wind turbine blade

Zhang, Shanying

Wind Tunnel Simulation of Wake Development

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