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Welcome to SUPERGEN Wind

The SUPERGEN Wind Energy Technologies Consortium (SUPERGEN Wind) is a UK wind energy research consortium which was originally established by the EPSRC on 23rd March 2006 as part of its Sustainable Power Generation and Supply (SUPERGEN) programme.

The project successfully renewed for another four years, starting from 23rd March 2010. Phase 2 will be run under the Energy Programme of Research Councils UK, which is led by EPSRC.

The Consortium’s principal objective for Phase 2 is:

To undertake research to achieve an
integrated, cost-effective, reliable & available
offshore wind power station

The SUPERGEN Wind Consortium is led by Strathclyde and Durham Universities and consists of 7 research partners with expertise in wind turbine technology, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, materials, electrical machinery, control, reliability and condition monitoring. The Consortium has the active support of 18 industrial partners including wind farm operators, manufacturers and consultants.
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Latest News

SUPERGEN Wind General Assembley 2014

The Consortium will hold its 4th and final General Assembly of Phase 2 on 20th March 2014 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham. The General Assembly is the annual showcase of the research of the Consortium and offers a valuable opportunity for industrial and academic experts to come together.

See here for more information and to register.

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24 Feb 2014