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Antonio LuqueLei

Academic background
Antonio Luque’s undergraduate degree was BSc on power electronic, EUETIT in Barcelona. In 2009, he finished MSc on sustainable engineering “Renewable energy systems and the environment”. His final report focused on small-scale wind turbines. In 2010, he has also finished another MSc in the Electronic and electrical engineering department, “final report is pending for examination”. Both masters were taken at the Strathclyde University.

Research topic
Offshore Control Schemes

Research background and objectives
A modelling platform and simplified analysis methods will be developed to facilitate the design of control strategies and wind farm performance evaluation.
The future development of the control system will involve:

  • Electrical arrays for offshore wind farms
  • Development of models for transient studies
  • Control strategies design and verification
  • Dynamic performance assessment

The main objective of the research is to develop dynamic models of different parts of the system to create a realistic control strategy which could control wind farms independently at maximum power output. Fault management and protection system will be taken under consideration.  

This will be undertaken using PSCAD/EMTDC simulation (assisted by simulations in Simulink).

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