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Antony BedardLei

Academic background
Antony Beddard graduated from the University of Manchester in 2009 with a MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree. Following work experience with AREVA T&D he has been undertaking a PhD at the University of Manchester since October 2010.

Research topic
HVDC technology for offshore wind

Research background and objectives
Many of the Round 3 offshore wind farms are located at a distance from the shore where high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission is more favourable in comparison to high voltage alternating current (HVAC) transmission. Currently voltage source converter (VSC) HVDC technology is the preferred option over line commutated converter (LCC) HVDC due to its smaller footprint and its black-start capability. Antony’s research aims to investigate the use of VSC HVDC technology for the connection of offshore wind farms.

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