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David HankinLei

Academic background
Studied Aeronautical Engineering in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London.

Research topic
Wind Turbine Wake Effects on Downstream Rotors

Research background and objectives
The aim is to study the impact of horizontal axis wind turbine rotor wakes on downstream turbine rotors in large arrays of offshore wind turbines. This will be achieved through development of a vortex panel-based code to simulate numerically the unsteady air flow around the rotor blades under conditions of incident turbulence and wind shear. This will be validated against  measurements, to be undertaken, of time histories of rotor blade root bending moments on an instrumented model operating in the wake of another rotor in a simulated ABL in a 3mx1.5m wind tunnel. The project will collaborate with the group at the Rutherford-Appleton Lab (RAL) with the intention of interfacing the Imperial College flow code with the RAL structural dynamics code.

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