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Donatella ZappaláLei

Academic background
Donatella Zappalá earned the MSc Environmental Engineering Degree at Universita` di Perugia (Italy) in 2008. She graduated with the MSc in New and Renewable Energy from Durham University in August 2010 and, currently, she is a PhD student at Durham University.

Research topic
Advanced Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

Research background and objectives
Donatella Zappalá’s research is concerned with electrical and mechanical fault detection algorithms in wind turbines. Specifically she is responsible for the development of new techniques and interaction with industry partners. Key aspects of her research involve co-ordinating supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) data of key turbine components, and coupling that with signals from condition monitoring systems (CMS). Specific activities will include the following: use of SCADA data for statistical analysis, including Physics of Failure models to predict key failure modes; analysing high frequency vibration data, particularly on the drive train; analysing medium frequency temperature, active power and acoustic data for drive train monitoring; analysing strain data from the blade roots; monitoring key Wind Turbine subassemblies, such as bearing faults for generators and gearboxes and electrical faults in generators and converters; Test Rig measurements by calibrating them against fault severities and comparing them with results from full-size wind turbines.

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