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Feng GaoLei

Academic background
Feng Gao graduated from Tsinghua University (P.R.China) in 1990 with BSc degree of civil engineering. In 2003 he was awarded PhD from University of Brighton. After that he has worked as a research associate at MMU for several EPSRC and EU Projects.

Research topic
Numerical simulation of scour around offshore structures

Research background and objectives
Feng Gao's research projects have been involved with the development the numerical modelling of fluid flows and its applications in real engineering problems such as wave overtopping sea dike and offshore energy device (Neptune, Pelamis, etc.).   Recently, His research project is numerical simulation of scour around offshore structures. The research will combine the turbulent model and the sediment transport model and simulate wave loading and run-up on the jacket type mount and wave and current induced scour for a monopole mount.

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