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Jamie LuxmooreLei

Academic background
Jamie Luxmoore graduated from Loughborough University in 2001 with an MEng in aeronautical engineering. He has since worked as an aerodynamicist and product development engineer, before completing an MSc in environmental science and technology at Lancaster University in 2010.

Research topic
Experimental study of the interactions between wind turbine support structures, the seabed and impacting waves and flows.

Research background and objectives
The aim of the research is improve understanding of the effects of extreme waves, freak waves and combined waves and tidal flows on deep water Jacket type wind turbine support structures. Measurements of the flow field underneath breaking waves, wave loading, run-up and overtopping will be made using a mix of invasive and non-invasive techniques. The experimental work will be carried out in the Total Environment Simulator at the University of Hull. The research will be used to study the mechanism of wave impact on structures and to help validate the numerical model currently being developed at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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