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James HughesLei

Academic background
James Hughes' undergraduate degree was BSc Earth Science at the University of Northampton, after which he completed a NERC funded MSc in Applied Meteorology and Climatology at the University of Birmingham. His MSc dissertation involved the investigation of teleconnections using reanalysis data and is a contribution to a larger piece of work for his supervisor which will hopefully be published in the near future.

Research topic
Modelling offshore wind

Research background and objectives
James Hughes' research is concerned with the mesoscale modelling of the offshore wind resource. The aim is to utilise the WRF model operating from reanalysis data to provide wind resource assessments over a range of timescales. Initially the research involve assessing and validating the measure correlate predict (MCP) technique for specific locations, where one longer term meteorological dataset overlaps with a shorter term site which will be predicted for. MCP essentially produces a regression equation linking the two sites, the model output for the longer term site will then be used in conjunction with the MCP output to forecast for the prediction site. The WRF model will be applied to larger areas and the use of alternative measurements such as lidar and sodar will also be assessed. In a field which is continually developing, the scope to adapt the model is also feasible and adjustment to parameterization schemes may be applied to improve the model output.

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