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John BartonLei

Academic background
John graduated in Engineering at Cambridge University (Jesus College) in 1989. John then worked for Rolls-Royce (aero engine division) in Derby for 11 years, working in the design, research and development of compressors and fans. Work there included computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis, test data analysis and computer aided design. John moved to Loughborough University in 2000 where he received an MSc with distinction in renewable energy (2001) at the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST). This was followed by a PhD in the modelling of energy storage with wind and solar power (graduated 2007).

John has been a research associate at CREST since 2006. Previous projects include TSEC ‘Beyond NIMBYism’ – public engagement with renewable energy; UKERC Micro-generation; Supergen Highly Distributed Power Systems (HDPS); Demonstration of Distributed Flexible Demand; and Transition Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy. As part of his research, John has developed a time-step model of the UK’s energy use including energy storage, intermittent renewable energy supplies and weather-dependent energy requirements. It is called Future Energy Scenario Assessment (FESA). John helped to design and maintain a small renewable energy and energy storage system, including hydrogen, at West Beacon Farm in Leicestershire (The HARI project). John is also working as Director of Innovation at Air Fuel Developments Limited since 2010.

Research topic
Condition monitoring of wind turbines, to devise an improved condition-based maintenance schedule.

Research background and objectives
His research interests include energy storage; hydrogen technologies; controllable electricity loads such as heat pumps and electric vehicle charging; synthetic fuels; and now wind turbine condition monitoring.

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