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Kuangyi ZhangKuangyi

Academic background
Kuangyi Zhang got her Bachelor’s degree in physics in Zhengzhou University of China, before became a MPHIL student of University of Manchester, and now has transferred as a PHD student in University of Manchester.

Research topic
Fatigue in composite for wind turbines

Research background and objectives
Wind turbine are used widely to generate electricity because of the renewable and pollution wind energy, the fast installation, low operation, maintenance cost, technological maturity, good infrastructure and relative cost competitiveness. However, wind turbines components are subjected to various problems. The main one of wind turbines is the fatigue failure because wind turbines are fatigue critical machines; also, the wind turbine blades are mainly made up of composite, consequently, it is of great importance to study the fatigue properties of composite for wind turbines and reduce failure of wind turbine components in order to get as much as energy from wind and reach the maximum efficiency during the lifetime of wind turbines.

 Kuangyi Zhang’s current research focuses on the fatigue properties of different fabric glass fibre reinforced composite and aim to find out which structure is best for the wind turbine blade use.

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