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Peter ArgyleLei

Academic background
Peter Argyle’s obtained an MMet Master of Meteorology degree from the University of Reading having spent a year studying at the University of Oklahoma in the U.S.A. His dissertation involved investigation numerical models of airflow in the urban environment and the potential problems of using LIDARs to monitor wind speeds in turbulent environments.

Research topic
Modelling multi wake interaction

Research background and objectives
Peter Argyle’s research is concerned with using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to model how turbine wakes interact with each other and cause a decrease in power output for subsequent turbines. Current offshore power predictions are often made using data extrapolated from either onshore farms or much smaller turbines and so are erroneous due to the different climatic conditions of the offshore boundary layer. Varying initial weather parameters and using different modelling techniques such as the actuator disc verses the Actuator line method, new models can be developed to further our current understanding of multi-wake interference. 

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