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Riccardo GiussaniLei

Academic background
Riccardo Giussani was born in Legnano, Italy. He is an electrical engineer formed at Politecnico di Milano. Currently, he is working toward a Ph.D. degree in electrical power engineering at The University of Manchester, UK.

Research topic
Condition based maintenance of insulation

Research background and objectives
Wind turbine converters used in multi-megawatt machines will operate at high voltages, particularly in future generations of wind turbines where direct connections to a HVDC backbone are made. Given the pressure to achieve high power densities in a converter to minimise the space utilised, the pressure on the high voltage insulation system to be reduced in size to the minimum possible is great. With it, this brings the increased risk of electrical discharge within the system insulation.

His research aims to develop a better solution for dielectric system monitoring; the target is to enable condition based maintenance (CBM) of the insulation and therefore enhance the reliability of the electrical system.

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