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Rolando Soler-BientzLei

Academic History
Rolando Soler-Bientz has an undergraduate and Master in Science degree in Physics and he obtained his PhD in Renewable Energies evaluating the potential of the wind resources as source of energy.

Research Topic
o  Onshore and offshore wind measurement instruments and methods
o  Offshore wind resource assessment
o  Prediction systems
o  Horizontal and vertical wind field and wind resource modelling

Research description
Rolando Soler-Bientz is a Physicist with a PhD in Renewable Energies specialized in Resource Assessment. The focus of his research within the Supergen Wind II project is on the study of the UK offshore wind resource using data from a number of sources including: data from offshore masts, surface data from onshore/offshore/islands stations, satellite measurements, radiosonde data, wind profilers measurements and reanalysis data. The datasets will be evaluated to infer the expected wind resource in near offshore regions taking into account land/sea effects and thermal stratification. The spatial and temporal variation in the resource will also be predicted. Statistical, Comptutational Fluid Dynamics and Mesoescale modelling tools will be used to achieve the mentioned research goals. He should be also co-supervising and working with PhD students whose projects involve: a) modelling the offshore resource using a numerical model and statistical techniques and b) modelling multiple wake interactions for offshore wind turbines.

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