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  Sustainable Power Generation and Supply - Phase 2  


Tom FarrLei

Academic background
Aerospace Engineering MEng at university of Surrey with a year in industry. Final year project looking at the operations and limitations of hot-wire anemometry.

Research topic
Effect of upstream turbulence and wake-wake interaction on wind turbine aerodynamics in EnFlo Laboratory, University of Surrey.

Research background and objectives
The aim is to investigate, by experimentation, the effect of upstream turbulence on wind turbine performance, with particular interest in the production of turbulent flow. This will primarily involve examining a uniform turbulent flow, produced by a grid, in a 0.6m x 0.9m wind tunnel to ensure that correct conditions are being achieved. This will then progress to using wind turbine models, previously developed at the University of Surrey, to observe the effect that the flow has on power production and where these losses occur. The testing will then progress to operation in Atmospheric Boundary Layers, produced in the 3m x 1.5m wind tunnel, for various environmental conditions. 

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