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The project has three parallel initiating themes during the first two years. The first to deal with research into the physics and engineering of the offshore wind farm, the second to look more specifically at the wind turbine, building upon the lessons of Supergen Wind 1, and the third to address the technical barriers to the wind farm connection and associated grid capacity issues. In the third and fourth years of the project, the results of these three themes will feed into a fourth gathering theme, which will consider the wind farm as a power station looking at how the power station should be designed, operated and maintained for optimum reliability and what the overall economics will be.

Phase2 research

THEME 1 : The Farm

This theme will look at different areas in relation to the operation of the farm. The results of Phase 1 and other research project have highlighted a number of further areas of research for Phase 2:

  • Offshore wind resource
  • Wakes and aerodynamics
  • Radar and the environment
  • Optimisation of farm performance
  • Multiple wake impacts on machines
Simon Watson

THEME 2 : The Turbine

Theme leader: Dr Geoff Dutton

This theme will build on the work in Phase 1 to improve the reliability and performance of individual wind turbines, in areas of:

  • Drive train dynamics
  • Rotor-wind field interaction
  • Turbine blade and tower materials
  • Fault detection for a greater range of future wind turbine drive train configurations
  • Subsea turbine foundation
Geoff Dutton

THEME 3 : The Connection

Theme leader: Dr. Mike Barnes

The objective of this theme is to reduce main technical barriers in offshore wind connection, which will be addressed by investigating, through computer modelling, four sub-objectives of the targeted technology:

  • New offshore nacelle and substatin equipment arrangements
  • Offshore control schemes
  • Connection to shore
  • Integration of energy storage
Mike Barnes

THEME 4 : The wind farm as a power station

This theme will bring together the results of the first three themes to consider the wind farm as a power station. The deliverables will be organised as follows:

  • Offshore Connection
  • Economics and Performance
  • Asset Management
  • Dynamic Loading and Structures
Bill Leithead
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