Formation of the DU-TEL-SIG

Earlier this year the Durham University Technology Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (DU-TEL-SIG) was formed. The group now consists of a number of staff from various departments in the University interested in Technology Enhanced Learning.

One of the major incentives for the formation of this group was to continue the work of the Technology Enhanced Learning Lab (TEL-lab). Though many of the staff and physical resources from the TEL-lab are no longer in Durham, there is still a wealth of intellectual outcomes from the work done by it to build on. The DU-TEL-SIG intends to build on these. For example, SynergyNet was a software framework intended to support educational apps on large multi-touch interfaces. As the framework is still available and functional, the DU-TEL-SIG intend to use it as the basis for several studies.

The possibility of working international with  former members of the TEL-lab opens up the potential for the impact of the DU-TEL-SIG to be international.

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