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Pension Strike 2018: Durham Speaks

Text by Iqbal Ahmed, photography by Michael Baker and Iqbal Ahmed Friday, 23 February was not a usual day at the campus of Durham University.  The South Road, a busy thoroughfare for students to commute between classes and accommodations, was nearly empty; the library square between the Bill Bryson Library and the Geography Building held fewer students.  […]

The Psychological Tale of HIV/AIDS

By Adrian O’Brien Just like physical medical treatment, HIV/AIDs patients require care in the form of psychological help. The mental state of people infected by the virus plays a crucial role in their current behavioural, emotional and cognitive state, which in turn can affect their social interactions and sense of self. For example, someone recently […]

Students Shout Out Against Soaring College Accommodation Fees

Interviews and photography by Iqbal Ahmed, text by Kristine Bagdassarian Recent announcements regarding the annual increase in college rent fees for Durham University this year was met with more than quiet frustration by the student body. The £300-£400 rise in the prices urged many students to abandon their Friday lunchtime in favour of making a stand […]