Waffley Good Company (Cafe Crawl Series)

 BCharmaine Tay        

Found along the same row of shops as more prominent cafes/tearooms such as Tealicious but tucked away on the second floor, Waffley Good Company can go easily unnoticed if not for the shop sign hanging over the door (look out for the waffle and the red star). The shop is accessible only by a rather steep flight of stairs which may prove difficult for those with mobility issues. I visited the café near Christmas at noon and it was not crowded, but this might not be the case on a usual day.

The café has a laid-back atmosphere, with wooden tables and chairs, handwritten chalkboard displays, and a section of a wall doubling as its menu. It offers many combinations of toppings – both savory and sweet, from more substantial brunch-types with ham and fried chicken, to desserts with strawberries, Oreo cookies, maple syrup and chocolate. They also have a drinks menu.

I was with company and sampled a savory waffle (the ‘Waffley Good Brekkie’) as I thought that was a more unusual but more suitable choice for brunch. Food is probably prepared on demand; I waited about 15 minutes for mine.

                The Waffley Good Brekkie

While they were not exceptional waffles, they were good quality and, for the serving size, good value for money. The standard-sized waffle is perfect for one. They are freshly prepared and hot and fluffy, but you must eat quickly if you’d like them to stay that way in cold weather. The mushrooms were nicely browned, and their mild, nutty flavor served as a respite from the tangy tomato and the salty ham. The ham was cooked through; I would have liked it better if it were left in the pan longer to crisp and add texture to a dish that was mainly soft. However, this is a matter of preference. The scrambled eggs were slightly disappointing as they were crumbly, like a frittata, instead of light and creamy, but that didn’t affect my enjoyment of the dish in general. The flavors came together well, and having a waffle as essentially the alternative to toast or fried bread made it a novelty.

           The So Nutella

The waffle was the real test, since it wouldn’t be much of a waffle place without it, and it held up well. I liked its softness and the slight sweetness of the batter which was almost imperceptible under the savory flavors and the maple syrup I drenched mine in (HB sauce is also available). It is good enough to enjoy on its own and the lighter dessert options probably have more complementary toppings. Overall, the Waffley Good Company is a great casual breakfast/lunch option for days when you have an hour or two to spare. I would surely visit again to try something else.



Waffley Good Company, 95 Elvet Bridge DH1 1LY.

Opening hours: 10am – 4/4.30pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Price range: About £5-6 for a waffle.

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