This Week in GCR Sports – Feb 5th

by Christos Vlahos

Hi Ustinovians! Lots of action last week for our teams with a total of 12 matches taking place.

More specifically, on Wednesday, Pool A and Pool B started the week strong by getting a win (8-2) and a draw (5-5) to Cuth’s B and A respectively.

On Saturday, our mixed Badminton team lost to University college 4-5 while the men’s Football A beat Aidan’s B 3-0. In the afternoon, mixed Frisbee beat Chad’s A 8-4 and the day closed with our men’s Basketball A and women’s Basketball getting a win (47-43) and a loss (18-42) to Van Mildert A.

On Sunday, men’s Hockey exchanged goals with Aidan’s A resulting in a 1-1 result, while the Volleyball got the walkover win against Aidan’s A with 2-0. Men’s Football B lost to Van Mildert F 0-3 despite their efforts and the Table Tennis team was very close to getting the win but in the end, lost 4-5 to Grey A. Finally, in the evening Pool C lost 3-7 to Collingwood B.

That was all for last week. Hopefully everyone who played had a nice time! The schedule for next week can be found below.

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