Trump’s Win: US Election Hosted in Fisher House by Café Politique

By Justin Marinelli   As an American-raised student of politics, it was perhaps inevitable that I would find myself digging in for a long night in the trenches for what I have been assured was the most important election in history. My sofa in the bar was claimed. The company I cultivated was of a […]

Clinton’s Defeat: US Election Hosted in Fisher House by Café Politique

By Jarno Välimäki   At around 6 in the morning all the posters in Fisher House were taken down. Some of them said ‘bad hombres’ or ‘nasty woman’, others talked about the infamous wall that ‘Mexico will pay for’. CNN was still on and they had not called the winner yet, but we appeared to have […]

A Tremendous Turnout: Crime and Justice Walk of Durham with Dr Ivan Hill a Success for Café des Arts

By James O’Neill  The first project for the Café des Arts took place last Tuesday, 25th October. We organised a walk led by Dr Ivan Hill on the History of Crime and Justice through the streets of Durham. The walk took an even portion of history from the medieval to the contemporary and included handouts […]