Sunday 1st August, 1304

A city stands strong amongst the chaos of the north, a bastion of civilisation and freedom. A city rebuilt, a city growing. Fast approaching is a time of new frontiers as the boundaries of might and knowledge are pushed like never before. And in search of these things come travellers, adventurers, scholars and pilgrims, each seeking their share of the power.

Welcome to Durholme.

Durham University Treasure Trap is the world's oldest continuously-running Live Roleplay group. We meet twice a week to play roles in a fantasy mediaeval world, either in the congenial atmosphere of a mediaeval inn for our Tavern Nights each Monday, or in the woods around Durham for Adventures each weekend. We also have regular weapons practices to develop combat skills which are useful in the game, run an annual banquet and a weekend-long end-of-year game, and send groups to larger live roleplay events around the country.

Latest News

Michaelmas 2020

Welcome one and all to an unusually distanced term of Treasure Trap! Fear not, my friends, for RP of a sort will still continue despite the lack of live-action: during this distanced term, we will be playing by downtime and Discord, with all-new characters, over in Hansa! Characters will have 120XP to start with and can be statted using all system skills - the ref team are working hard to try and make sure they'll all be usable in-game. Stay safe!

- entered by Head Ref, 2020-10-10 22:04:49

Epiphany Term: A New Start

A new term begins, starting 2020 with a bang! The updates from the last OGM have been propagated to the website. In short: Scouts have a new skill available to use a 42" with; Vani are now real boys who you can choose to play on the Racial Skills page; the skill for creating a mana store now has a description (gasp); some spells gained a timefreeze; various updates have gone into the Combat System doc; Azrael got a domain back (lucky!); Crofter has been fiddled with; and the Light is now actually called the Light on the website like everyone actually calls it in the real world. Welcome back to TT, everyone!

- entered by The Secretary's Minion, 2020-01-08 20:59:20

New Academic Year!

Welcome back to our old members and a warm welcome to new ones! Please check out the updated Downtime Guide for current ref requests re: downtime. If you are a mage, an elemental elf, or a priest of Bast or Azrael, you may be entitled to restat due to changes in skill and XP costs.

Also apparently the City Laws have been updated...

- entered by Vicky, 2019-09-09 16:46:15

Easter Term OGM 2019

We are in the process of booking a room for this term's OGM at some point after exams. While the date and time have yet to be confirmed, please begin to send in motions to Treasure.Trap at gmail: motions must be received more than 1 week before the meeting to allow publication of the agenda, so the earlier the better. Motion discussion in various forums is always welcome but does not count as an official submission: only motions received by the TT email will be added to the agenda, and only in the form in which they were received (linked googledocs will be frozen upon receipt unless an explicit email instruction is later sent to the contrary). Anyone may propose a motion and speak at the meeting, but only current student members may vote.

In addition, there will be elections for the positions of Head Ref and 3YGB Head Ref next year. Candidates should ideally submit a statement of intent to stand to the Treasure.Trap email as per the submission of motions. The order of business will be

- Elections

- Constitutional Motions (if any)

- Non-Constitutional Motions (the real meat of any TT meating. See what I did there? *shot*)

- entered by the Secretary's Minion, 2019-05-20 12:53:45

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