The 3YGB 2019

The Premise...

Atlantis - the long-lost sunken city of the ancient Dragonlords. After unknown eras secluded from the world, shrouded by vicious storms, an enigmatic new ruler has opened its gates to the world at last.

You have travelled to this mythical place driven by curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, faith, patriotism, ambition - or pure avarice for the gold and magics rumoured to be hidden away in the city’s depths.

Discover the treasures, traps and secrets of the lost city, aided and hindered by its strange inhabitants. Unravel the schemes that brought you here and uncover the enemies hiding among you. Resurrect the lost mysteries of the Dragonlords that could change the very nature of the world you live in.

But beware, guests.

Perhaps Atlantis was lost for good reason.

The Event...

Atlantis is a weekend, time-in event set in the DUTT system and world. Characters are pre-written and pre-statted by the ref team based upon player input.

The Date will be the 21st-23rd of June, Friday-Sunday.

The Location will be Raywell Park scout camp. A coach will be hired for transport from DSU to the site and back; precise details to be released nearer to the time.

Booking is still open for non-third-year characters and will close on the 31st of January. The event cost will be £40-£50, and a coach seat is likely to cost around £20. To book please complete this form, in as much or as little detail as you see fit. Public information can be found here.

Please direct any questions to Amy or by email to, though note that essential information such as location, price, and logistics will be released as soon as they become available.

Head Ref: Amy Beresford

Refs: Sean Patterson, Vicky Bending, Nathan Tommis, James Burrows, Michael Brown