The Durham University Treasure Trap 30th Anniversary Banquet

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Gyngerbrede (V)
A traditional ginger bread recipe

Sambocade (V)
A medieval cheesecake flavoured with elderflower and rose

Pine-nut Candy (V)
Pine-nut brittle made with honey and ginger

Marzipan (V)
Home made to a medieval recipe

Sweetmeats of Conys & Cockatrice
Sweetmeats of rabbit and cockatrice spiced with ginger, cinnamon, cloves and red wine

A wild beast, slain by the cooks and roast with apple, honey and spices

A tarte for Ember day (V)
A cheese quiche with currants and spices

Caramellised Fennel & Leek Soppes (V)
A soup of fennel and leek, caramelised and stewed with spices in a vegetable broth

A sweet dish of shrimp with sultanas

Funges (V)
A mushroom and leek soup, thickened with pearl barley

Jugged Hare
A luxurious and creamy dish made to our own recipe

Chykes (V)
Roasted chick-peas poached in gode broth with garlic and saffron

Armoured Turnips (V)
Layers of turnips, spiced butter and melted cheeses

Nettles in Cream (V)
Hand picked nettles summered in cream to bring out the subtle flavours

Salmon in Beer
Side of salmon marinaded in olive oil and black pepper and roasted in strong beer

Perres (V)
A delicious medieval take on mushy peas with onions and parsley

Samartard (V)
Soft-Cheese fritters served with red-onion marmalade and lingonberry jam

Pork Rolls
A pork roll, spiced and filled with egg yolk

Buttered Wortes (V)
Seasonal leafy brassicas, alliums and herbs blanched with butter and served with croutons

Mallard in a vinegar and onion gravy with Powder Fort

Sallet (V)
Crunchy steamed vegetables, raisins and spices

Confit of Pork
Roast pork confit in a sweet red wine and honey sauce, served cold

Fish in Sweet and Sour
Fillets of white fish poached in a sweet vinegar sauce

Pot-roast mutton with garlic and rosemary

Spinach with bacon, spice and sugar

Greate Pie II - Pie Harder
A pie of Oxtail and Hearts topped with poultry and embellished with flags

Diners will be provided with a trencher.

Palate Cleansers will be provided between courses:

Apple and Onion Chutney (V)
A fresh chutney, light and crunchy

Leche (V)
Milk jelly flavoured with rose water

Peppermint Tea (V)

Apple Muse with Baked Pears (V)
Baked pears dressed with honey and cinnamon; served with a hot and thick apple and almond soup.

Payne Foundow
Bread pudding with fruit, wine and spices, served with a white wine sauce

(V) suitable for vegetarians

We will ensure that all allergies and preferences that we are informed of are catered for.

This menu is brought to you by Serve it Forth!