The Durham University Treasure Trap Banquet 2017

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Initial booking deadline is Monday 23 January 2017.

We require payment by this date, and if we do not have 40 paid attendees by this date, we will be unable to run the event.

The banquet is run at-cost, and we will continue to add to the entertainment and food as numbers increase. Unfortunately, this also means that we are unable to offer refunds unless your place is subsequently filled. If you do need to cancel please let us know as soon as possible.

We have a number of extra features we would like to add - more music! Playford dancing! Different drinks! - but we can only do these if we have the numbers. We'd love to make this the best banquet Durham has ever had, so please book and encourage your friends to come too!

Payment details will be made available once you have booked.

Please aim any enquiries at

Booking Form

Phone number:
Required for our insurance
Names of any guests:
Emergency contact(s) (name and phone number):
Include contacts for any guests, or we will use yours. Required for our insurance
I would like: tickets @ £40.00 each
tickets (concession) @ £35.00 each (Students or unwaged)
server tickets @ £5.00 each (please check with us first)
bunks @ £5.00 each (limited availability)
bottles of Lanchester Mead @ £6.50 each
bottles of Lanchester Black Beer and Raisin Wine @ £6.50 each
tokens for a pint of beer or cider @ £2.00 each
Drinks Cards @ £9.00 each (5 drinks tokens to spend on either cider or beer)
75cl bottles of Durham apple juice @ £4.00 each (limited availability)
Dietary requirements:
any specific food requirements or allergies, so you can be catered for appropriately
Pre-Banquet Bash:
We are planning a large-scale Pre-Banquet Bash on the banquet site. It would be useful to know who would like to come on this.

if you haven't requested a bunk, or if we run out and are unable to allocate you one

Medical and Disability information:
any non-dietary medical or disability matters that we should make our first aiders aware of, or for which we could make adjustments to make your life easier. There is one downstairs room - let us know if this would help you.
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