The Durham University Treasure Trap Banquet 2017

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Gyngerbrede (V)
Strong and peppery gingerbread squares

Heiss (V) (Ve)
Sweet nutty balls with almonds, pistachio and dates

Mince Pies
made to a medieval recipe containing beef

Vegetarian Mince Pies (V)(Ve)
made to a medieval recipe

Green Cheese (V)
A herb soft-cheese

Vegan Cheese (V)(Ve)

Chicken in Three Sauces
Roasted Chickens served with 3 sauces

Almond Ryce (V)(Ve)
Ryce cooked in Almond Milk

Buttered Wortes (V)(Ve)
Seasonal leafy brassicas, alliums and herbs blanched with olive-oil and served with croutons

Centerpiece Spectacular!
The showpiece suprise

Chykes (V)(Ve)
Roasted chick-peas poached in gode broth with garlic and saffron

Salmon in Beer (P)
Side of salmon marinaded in olive oil and black pepper and roasted in strong beer

Shrimp (P)
A sweet dish of shrimp with raisins

Armoured Turnips (V)
Layers of turnips, spiced butter and melted cheeses

Funges (V)(Ve)
Whole portobello mushrooms poached with leeks and fennel in a wild mushroom jus

A tarte for Ember day (V)
A tart of eggs, currants, cheese and herbs

Benes Y Fryed Tart (V)(Ve)
A tart filled with beans poached in gode broth with onions

Steamed Pudding
A steamed pudding made of lamb and spices

Diners will be provided with bread (V)(Ve).

Hedgehog (V)(Ve)
A marzipan hedgehog served on a garden of jelly

Payne Foundow (V)(Ve) and Caudel (V)
Bread pudding with fruit, wine and spices, served with a white wine sauce

Snowe (V)
Made with egg whites, cream and rose water.
WARNING: contains raw egg whites

(V) suitable for vegetarians (Ve) suitable for vegans (P) suitable for pescatarians

We will ensure that all allergies and preferences that we are informed of are catered for.

This menu is brought to you by Serve it Forth!