The Council of Churches

The Guilds of Durholme

Guild Head
Dolor Sofza [Played by: Cameron Margetts]

Acting as the spokesperson for the various faiths within the City.

The position currently called Vicegerent of the Faithful was originally known as the 'Hierophant', and only responsible for the spiritual faiths of the city. By 1300, the remit of the Hierophant had widened to also include elemental faiths and eventually all matters of religion of whatever form, leading to the change to 'Vicegerent of the Faithful'. While the Council eventually tightened up the definition of a faith in law after this, the Vicegerent still oversees the interests of elemental faiths and those of the three divine pantheons.

The Vicegerent's role is somewhat different to that of the more conventional Guild Heads represented on the Council. Where they each represent a Guild and its members, it is the Vicegerent's role to both represent the interests of all faiths and to resolve religious differences between them. While the various religions may tend to defer to the opinions of prominent members of their faith, there is no formalised 'Head' of any church in Durholme, and as such the Vicegerent is expected to support any person of faith who wishes to bring something to the Council's attention.

Vicegerent of the Faithful:
  • Dolor Sofza (18th February 1302 - Present)
  • Ealin (1301 - 18th February 1302)
  • Revan (1301)
  • Alvus Rabanastre (1300-1301)
  • Amon (1300)
  • Nightlight (1300)
  • Mortimer Cromwell (1300)

  • Mortimer Cromwell (1300)
  • Ywer (1299-1300)
  • Cha'ziz (1298-1299)
  • Kaidan Madonak (1298)
  • Agustin Aragones (1297)
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