The Guild of Astrologers and Seers

The Guilds of Durholme

Guild Head
Vacant [Played by: ]

To be a place for those with an interest in any form of divination to study, discuss, and practice whatever form they they desire, including but not limited to:
  • Astrology
  • Light Magic
  • Divination Miracles
  • Lucid Dreaming

To encourage, but not require, members to share their findings with each other, the Head Seer, or the Council - particularly if they believe they have foreseen something of significant importance.

Founded in 1301 in the former so-called “Temple of the Dark Lord” in Rat Alley, the Guild was designed to assist collaboration between different methods of predicting the future. The role of Vivian Cromwell, priestess of Morpheus, amateur astrologer and first Head Seer, in establishing the Guild, ensured the central position of astrology and the relative importance of lucid dreaming, but all kinds of divination were made welcome there.

The relatively unusual pan-disciplinary nature of the Guild has ensured a small but regular membership, with the tower frequently being used for star-gazing. The Guild Head, known as the Head Seer since its founding, has a non-voting place on the Council, and is usually expected to collate or organise the presentation of the weekly divinations of guild members.

The Guild building ground floor is inhabited by elderly tribal orcs, refugees from the now-vanished Khanate of the Golden Horde from the east, who pre-date the founding of the Guild and are generally reserved but welcoming to Guild members.

Head Seers, Past and Present:
  • Heiko van Delft (4th June 1301 - 25th February 1302)
  • Arden Vale (19th February 1301 - 4th June 1301)
  • Lady Vivian Sarah-Elizabeth Cromwell, née Hawthorne, Baroness of the Dragon’s Teeth Mountains, Viscountess of Newcroft (15th January 1301 - 19th February 1301)
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