Mages' Guild

The Guilds of Durholme

Guild Head
Erin Brook [Played by: Benjamin Teall]

A facility for Mages to practice the elemental arts; also contains a ley nexus coveted by geomancers.

The Durholme Mages‘ Guild began as seven separate Guilds, one for each school of magic. These disparate guilds were frequently at one another‘s throats before finally unifying in the latter half of the 1280s. The Mages‘ Guild today is likely the foremost such organisation in all of Albion, and welcomes all students of magic, whatever their origins.

The Mages‘ Guild is built around one of Durholme‘s three ley nexi, a near-limitless source of raw magical power. The ley nexi are generally kept guarded, as incautious utterances can have unexpected consequences; the mages guard their own nexus fairly well and mages can often be found stationed nearby... just in case.

Archmages Past and Present:
Erin Brook (1301 Present)
Aalo Areli (1300-1301)
Arden Vale (1299)
Robert Arken (1299)
...and into antiquity...
First Guild Mistress: Kayley d'Arnaise, succeeded by Illara ri'd Resandor (Durholme Evening News, 21st October 1287)
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