Ritualists' Guild

The Guilds of Durholme

Guild Head
Tiffany Wojkiewicz [Played by: Josie Adam]

A dangerous guild to the unwary, this is the central facility for geomancy within Durholme, containing one of the three ley nexi in the City.

Although ritual magic at one time fell under the purview of the Mages’ Guild (and was frequently all but banned), Durholme’s geomancers and demonologists now have a haven for the study of the ritual arts in a guild of their own. Built around a peculiar stone chair on the riverbank, atop the third ley nexus of Durholme, the Ritualists’ Guild is one of the younger guilds, but by no means unimportant. It is here that students of geomancy learn how not to accidentally burn their own limbs off with an ill-worded ritual, and here that students of demonology learn the nature of the beings they study without (usually) jumping in at the deep end and accidentally bartering away their souls.

The Guild is run by the Magister, usually an experienced geomancer, and is also home to the position of Head Diablerist, who is frequently the Magister’s second in command, with the authority to make Guild decisions should the Magister be absent.

Magisters Past and Present:
  • Tiffany Wojkiewicz (January 1302 - Present)
  • Aelyn Myriel (13th March 1300 - January 1302)
  • Timko of Cluj, the Risktaker (1300)
  • Blake Chandler (1299-1300)
  • Mistress Akkaviri (1299)

Head Diablerists Past and Present:
  • Fern Taylor (12th March 1301 - 10th December 1301)
  • Aalo Areli
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