Scouts' Guild

The Guilds of Durholme

Guild Head
Jay Roger [Played by: Michael King]

A facility for homing and honing scouts; a complicated facility with very few areas obvious to the untrained eye.

The Durholme Scouts' Guild is one of the older Guilds in the city, formed from the amalgamation of the euphemistically termed “urban scouts” and their more socially acceptable woodland ranger fellows.

Scouts of the Guild have served the city of Durholme through good times and bad, through subterfuge, cunning, and knowledge of city and wilderness alike.

Guild Heads Past and Present:
• Jay Roger (1301 – Present)
• Seamus (1300-1301)
• Blake Chandler (1300)
• Krakka (1299-1300)
• Lady Helen Winter the World Weaver (9th May 1299 – 14th November 1299)
• Lord Henry Winter (1299)
• Flynn Walker (1298-1299)
• Frik (1298)
• Elano Velasquez Altuenetxe (1298)
• Jen (? - 1298)
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