The Guild of the Smiths, Engineers & Artisans

The Guilds of Durholme

Guild Head
Regin [Played by: Paul Tan]

A construction and smelting production centre for the City and a research and development facility. Also, the Temple of the Bone is located here.

The Smiths' Guild has long served the city of Durholme from behind the scenes, quietly producing armour and weapons for her denizens. It truly came into its own, however, with the discovery of the elemental metals and, soon after, the advent of Hextech. Hextechnical work at the Guild was pioneered by Aelyn Myriel, Senior Hextechnician, and subsequent Guild Heads have either been Hextechnicians themselves or appointed Head Hextechnicians who are, in order to properly manage the complexities and occasionally explosive nature of the work.

Previous Guild Heads
Regin (1301-?)
Aelyn Myriel (1300-1301)
Jenic (1300)
Golem / “Obsidian” (1299)
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