Warriors' Guild

The Guilds of Durholme

Guild Head
Halfdan Longmane [Played by: Daniel Rand]

Practising and teaching the arts of combat.

The Warriors’ Guild is Durholme’s major training place for the arts of combat, located in a former theatre building. The Warriors’ Guild itself began life as a Mercenaries’ Guild, and the attitude towards bounties and rewards which prevails inside has not changed. A name change occurred in April 1300, when the then Head of the Mercenaries’ Guild attempted unsuccessfully to fashion the mercenaries into a private army, throwing out many former Guild members and trying to indoctrinate the rest. The Guild was effectively dissolved by the then King and refounded anew as the “Warriors’ Guild”, which it has remained ever since. Most of the once banished members have since rejoined, and the old attitude of providing both training and martial services for a price now flourishes again.

Head of the Warriors’ Guild:
  • Halfdan Longmane (4th February 1302 - Present)
  • Lucifer Morningstar (29th October 1301 - 4th February 1302)
  • Sergei (1301)
  • Harnack (1300-1301)
  • Bastion (1300)

Head of the Mercenaries' Guild:

  • Vinter (1299-1300)
  • Gren (1299)
  • Malvin (1298-1299)
  • Ghakin (1298)
  • Edward de Farre (1298)
  • Akaenestus (1297-1298)
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