Guild of Writers and Poets

The Guilds of Durholme

Guild Head
Aelyn Myriel [Played by: Vicky Bending]

An establishment for developing the literary and poetic arts, particularly among the poor of Durholme, the Guild also publishes the City's newspaper, the Chronicle.

The Durholme Guild of Writers and Poets, more commonly known as the Writers' Guild, was established in 1299 by Colm of Rat Alley as a meeting place for the literarily inclined, following the encouragement of Henry Winter. It publishes Durholme's current local newspaper, the Chronicle, which took over from the demonic Gateways Gazette, and is typically run by the Chronicle's Editor.

The current Writers' Guild building occupies a 'natural amphitheatre' consisting of a crater formed in a geomantic accident after the original building was briefly moved over a ley nexus in 1300 due to the city being temporarily rotated 180o.

Letters to the paper may be sent either c/o the Writers' Guild or directly to the Editor.

Editors Past and Present:
Aelyn Myriel (13th February [1300 present) [Played by: Vicky Bending]
Colm of Rat Alley (17th October 1299 20th February 1300) [Played by: NPC - Nathan Tommis]
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