The Treaty of Durholme & the Palatinate Fae

The following is an agreement between the Monarch of the City of Durholme and the Palatinate Fae.

It is binding to all who swear fealty to those organisations.

The Fae will undertake to create portals large enough for a small group (equivalent to approx 10 normal mortal souls) to pass through when asked by a representative of the city.

Transit between these portals will be via Arcadia by the quickest route and is understood to be quicker than travel by mundane means but not instantaneous.

The Palatinate Court promise to protect the travellers to the best of their ability, and deal with any issues related to fae politics that might impede travel. In return the travellers undertake to do ho harm in Arcadia except in self defence, and Durholme undertakes to deal with any legal issues between travelling mortals.

Under no circumstances will any Cold Iron be brought in to Arcadia.

The portals will be one way, except for the already existing portal in Durholme. Portals will reopen for return travel after an agreed period of time.

Payment will be given in the form of mana. This is the only form of payment bound by the is contract but other deals may be made independently. Travellers who are not mages may make use of mana crystals or elemental metals or purchase mana from the Mages Guild.

The Palatinate Court are to be allowed a small presence in the city, at the location of the old Gateways Offices. These fae are to deal with travel related matters ONLY and must obey all city laws.

The fae promise to make all efforts to return the souls of any mortals that die in Arcadia to the city, regardless of how the mortal dies. The only exception is if a mortal priest is able to send the soul to the gods at the point they die.