Join VMBC.

Whatever your experience.


Get fit, follow a structured training program, and compete against other colleges, other Universities, and other regional clubs.
Alternatively join as a social rower, where fitness training is optional, you can row as often as you like, and stand at the centre of the Club's incredible social scene.
As the biggest sports club in College, VMBC offers an unrivalled opportunity to meet like-minded people and make friends. The Club travels across the north-east, to Yorkshire, and to London, for competitions; so don't just think it's all about rowing beside the cathedral and castle on beautifully clear morningsā€¦
This is the best value time of your life to try out a fantastic sport, what have you got to lose?

1st IV in final of College Elite Championships (Long Course)


VMBC is not only open to people who want to row or scull, the Club could not operate without its clan of little coxes!
If you like the idea of rowing but the hours in the gym don't sound too appealing, maybe you think you're too small or you tend more towards brain than brawn, then coxing could be just for you! The ideal cox is small in size but big in the mouth department; it's your job to steer the boat and tell the ogres in front of you exactly what you want them to do, and don't be shy about it! As the cox you'll be completely in charge of the either 4 or 8 rowers: they are the engine, you are the driver. Coxes can make or break a crew; just like it's the driver that takes a Formula1 car to the podium, a good cox who makes the right calls at the right moment, makes the delicate touch with the steering in the right place to take the fastest line of the river, can spur a crew on to finish the race minutes ahead of the same crew with a bad cox.
Coxes get all the praise that the rowers get and sometimes more because VMBC rowing really wouldn't be possible without them. So if you think you've got the tactical mind to be the Lewis Hamilton of the rowing world, drop our Coxes Captain a line!

The Next Step

Once you have decided to join the Club you are only a few simple steps from getting out on the river.
You will need to pass a test to show that you can swim. You must complete 2 lengths on your front, 2 on your back, and 5 minutes treading water. It is all very relaxed though, you can do it at your own pace, and there are no points for style!
You will need to pay your membership for the year. Only members may use the Club's equipment so this is a crucial step.
Your squad Captain will find you a crew to row with, as well as a coach, and either your Captain or coach will soon be in touch again to arrange your first session.

Men's IM3 IV first round victory. (Photo: Liz Harries)